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Pittards Dry-Soft Chamois Leather Extra Large 3ft²

Dry-Soft Pittards Chamois Leather Extra Large 3 SqFt


Pittards Dry-Soft Chamois is a new concept in genuine chamois leather that is created by a unique additional tanning process. It has all the natural absorbency of traditional top quality chamois, but now dries soft, time after time, and will dry your car without smearing or scratching.

The special process keeps the fibres separated for much longer than a normal chamois (which gradually bond together leading to reduced water uptake and the chamois drying hard). This results in a longer period of maximum absorbency during the life of the chamois and allows it to dry soft.

Anti-microbial protection
Microbes (bacteria, fungi and so on) find ideal conditions for growth in the presence of warmth and humidity. Consequently genuine chamois leathers, like any other drying materials, become their ideal habitat. First signs of the presence of these micro organisms include mould spots, discolouration and odours.

Pittards Dry-Soft Chamois now incorporates anti-microbial technology which prevents microbes from building up within the chamois. Pittards' anti-microbial technology is chemically bonded to the leather fibre structure so these properties will remain even after repeated use, providing a longer lasting freshness to the chamois.

Please note, this chamois is approximately 3 Square Feet in total area, it is not 3 Feet Squared (9 SqFt). Chamois leather is naturally stretchy. To adhere to the British Standards of Measuring, the leather is measured at full stretch, at a specified temperature and humidity. When your chamois arrives it may appear slightly smaller. We offer no measurement of the thickness of the chamois as this can vary across each product and from chamois to chamois.

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