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About us

Hutchings & Harding Ltd produces genuine chamois leather. Prepared from sheepskin, tanned using natural fish oil in the traditional style, it is the finest chamois in the world.

Many articles labelled as ʻgenuine chamois leatherʼ do not legally meet this definition.

Only sheepskin is used in the production of genuine chamois leather, because of its unique fibre. Its loose weave allows the leather to retain water, clean and polish whilst being easy to wring out.

To form the properties of genuine chamois leather, natural marine oil is used to tan the skin, making it soft and durable. The oil forms soaps on the fibres to produce highly absorbent leather that shines as it dries.

Hutchings & Harding

Imitation chamois leather comes in many different forms. Chemical synthetics and other types of leather with variable tannages are treated and dyed to look like chamois. These products may have a similar appearance but they should not be mistaken for genuine chamois leather. If it doesn’t look and feel like a genuine chamois, have a fish oil smell and perform like a genuine chamois after repeated use, itʼs not the real thing!

All our chamois leather exceeds the highest international standards. We regularly benchmark ourselves against British Standard 6715 using an independent laboratory. We have been assessed as a quality assured supplier by major retailers and the highly regarded Swiss STR Testing & Inspection AG.

We are fully REACH compliant and are positively assessed for environmental impact by local government authority.